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Cindy Waxer is a Toronto-based freelance journalist specializing in business and technology. She has written for publications including TIME, Fortune Small Business, Business 2.0, Computerworld, Canadian Business, and Workforce Management.


Latest Articles

04/29/2011 Netgear 1Q Profit Tops Expectations
04/29/2011 Sprint Readies to Sell Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi
04/28/2011 Hynix Semiconductor 1Q Profit Drops
04/28/2011 Visa Invests in Twitter Founder's Square Startup
04/27/2011 Nokia Cuts 7,000 Jobs
04/27/2011's Profit Disappoints Analysts
04/26/2011 Can Sony's New Tablets Take a Bite Out of Apple?
04/25/2011 Barnes & Noble unveils Nook Apps
04/25/2011 Nintendo's Profit Drops 66 Percent
04/25/2011 Amazon Failure Causes Crashes
04/21/2011 Verizon to Support iPhone Overseas
04/20/2011 IBM Beats Analyst Expectations in First Quarter
04/20/2011 High-Power Processors behind Intel's Record Revenue
04/19/2011 Seagate and Samsung Join Forces
04/19/2011 Ticketmaster Targets Scalpers with New Pricing Technology
04/01/2011 HTC Thunderbolt Outsells iPhone: Study
04/01/2011 Acer CEO Calls it Quits
03/31/2011 Google Launches New Social Tool '+1'
03/31/2011 Agrees to New Privacy Terms with FTC
03/30/2011 Acquires Radian6
03/30/2011 India Lags in Internet Access: Study
03/29/2011 Cisco Acquires newScale
03/28/2011 eBay Acquires GSI Commerce
03/28/2011 IBM Opens New Lab in Taiwan
03/25/2011 Yahoo Improves Web Search
03/24/2011 Microsoft Site Readies Users for Update
03/24/2011 IBM to Acquire TRIRIGA
03/23/2011 IBM Templates to Expedite Deployment, Cut Costs
03/22/2011 Dell Introducing New Generation of Microservers
03/22/2011 Advanced Micro Devices Hires New CIO
03/21/2011 Netflix Encounters Privacy Suits
03/21/2011 Facebook Snaps Up Snaptu
03/18/2011 AT&T to Customers: Either Pay Up or Stop Unofficial Tethering
03/18/2011 Angry Birds Creator Sets Sights on IPO
03/17/2011 Microsoft Boasts IE9 Download Frenzy
03/17/2011 Android 50 Percent Faster than iPhone 4: Browser Study
03/16/2011 Google Acquires Green Parrot Pictures
03/15/2011 HP CEO's Head in the Clouds
03/14/2011 Proposed Bill to Protect Consumers from Cell Phone Taxes
03/14/2011 Study: The Web Surpasses Newspapers in News Delivery
03/11/2011 Clearwire Chief Calls it Quits
03/10/2011 Sony Picks Possible Successor
03/10/2011 AOL Begins Layoffs
03/09/2011 HP to Package WebOS with Every One of its PCs by 2012
03/09/2011 Apple's iOS 4.3 Arrives Early
03/08/2011 Adobe's Wallaby Converts Flash Into HTML
03/08/2011 Google Buys
03/07/2011 Study: People are Tech-savvy - and Sleepy
03/07/2011 French Government Under Cyber Attack
03/04/2011 Apple Releases iOS 4.3 to Developers
03/03/2011 Twitter Co-founder Keeps Matters Private
03/03/2011 Apple's iPad 2 Available March 11
03/02/2011 Google Changes Result in Mahalo Staff Cuts
03/02/2011 Google Removes Stolen Apps from Market
03/01/2011 Evernote for iPhone gets a Redesign
03/01/2011 Sony PlayStation 3 Banned from Europe - For Now
02/28/2011 Groupon, Tencent's Reportedly Rough Start in China
02/28/2011 Sen. Schumer Calls for Greater Security
02/25/2011 NEC Slashes Profit Forecast by 40 Percent
02/25/2011 Apple Adds Sandy Bridge Processors to MacBook Pro
02/23/2011 HP Earnings Increase but Falls Short of Wall Street Expectations
02/23/2011 Cisco Mail Folds
02/22/2011 Amazon Launches Video Streaming Service for Prime Members
02/22/2011 Lenovo Launches Battery-Strong Notebooks
02/20/2011 Otellini Named to Obama Jobs Council
02/17/2011 Obama Joined For Dinner by Tech Titans
02/17/2011 Norton Arms Consumers Against Cybercrime
02/16/2011 Cablevision's 4Q Profit Skyrockets
02/16/2011 LG Unveils 3D TV
02/15/2011 TCS Banking on Cloud Computing for $1 Billion in Revenue
02/15/2011 Clinton to Speak Up for Internet Freedom
02/14/2011 Sony Ericsson Reveals PlayStation Phone
02/14/2011 Demand Mounting for Better Telco Service
02/11/2011 Nokia and Microsoft Join Forces
02/10/2011 Deloitte Study Reveals 2011 Digital Trends
02/10/2011 Nokia Likely To Join Forces With Windows Phone
02/09/2011 Nokia CEO's Leaked Memo Doesn't Mince Words
02/09/2011 Microsoft Reportedly Seeking Management Changes
02/08/2011 FCC Proposes New Way to Subsidize Internet Services
02/08/2011 Is Email on the Outs with Today's Youth?
02/07/2011 Motorola Xoom's Hefty (and Unconfirmed) Price Tag
02/07/2011 AOL to Acquire Huffington Post
02/04/2011 On Cusp of iPhone4 success, Verizon Talks Throttling
02/03/2011 Sony Quarterly Profit Dips
02/03/2011 Bidders Ready to Battle for Nortel Patents
02/02/2011 T-Mobile 3D Tablet On Its Way
02/02/2011 Egypt Back Online
02/01/2011 Oracle Pays $46 Million to Settle Kickback Lawsuit
02/01/2011 Google Helps Egyptians be Heard
01/31/2011 So-Called 'Kill Switch' Legislation Back on the Table
01/31/2011 India Pushes for BlackBerry Access
01/31/2011 Toshiba Back to Black
01/27/2011 Amazon Unveils Kindle Singles
01/27/2011 Canalys: PC Market Growth Exploding
01/26/2011 Online Retail Sales on the Rise
01/26/2011 Obama Calls for Expanded Broadband Access
01/26/2011 Egypt Restricts Access to Facebook
01/26/2011 Fiber-Optic Networks on the Rebound
01/25/2011 Orange Negotiates with Dailymotion for Stake in Video Market
01/24/2011 Huawei Sues Motorola for IP Infringement