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Doug Mohney has clocked over 20 years in the ICT arena between working in real-world businesses and writing about them. He has written for a diverse group of publications over the past dozen years, including Boardwatch, Mobile Radio Technology/Urgent Communications, The Inquirer, and VON Magazine, covering telecommunications, the Internet, and online video. Most recently, he has served at Editor in Chief of the Telecom and Digital Media Group at an online media publisher and Editor-in-Chief at VON Magazine (the pulvermedia incarnation).

His hands-on/real-world experience includes stints at two high-tech start-up companies, one that went public (DIGEX) and one that didn’t (SkyCache/Cidera). Joining DIGEX as employee number 10 in 1993, Doug had a ring-side seat to the trials and tribulations of a fast growing, VC-funded startup doing the boom growth years of the Internet. He can be reached at and blogs at


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09/17/2014 NASA selects Boeing, SpaceX for Astronaut Transport to Space Station
09/17/2014 NASA selects Boeing, SpaceX for Astronaut Transport to Space Station
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