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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and M2M Evolution magazine. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

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11/18/2014 Aspect Accepts Early Adopters for WebRTC-based Platform
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11/17/2014 Extreme Expands Portfolio, Adds Partners
11/15/2014 NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Corsa, Dell'Oro, Juniper
11/14/2014 Arkin Net Comes Out of Stealth Mode, Tells SDN Network Visibility Story
11/13/2014 AT&T Offers an Update on Its Toggle BYOD Solution
11/13/2014 AT&T Offers an Update on Its Toggle BYOD Solution
11/13/2014 Homegrown M2M Platform Enables Vodafone to Be More Responsive
11/13/2014 Telematics
11/13/2014 When It Rains It Pours
11/13/2014 Demo Shows Potential of SDN-BGP to Connect SDN Islands Anywhere in the World
11/13/2014 New Dell'Oro Group Study Offers Five-Year Outlook on NFV
11/12/2014 TeleTech's Humanify Enables Clients to Deliver Expert Customer Service
11/12/2014 HP, Nokia Partner on NFV
11/12/2014 WebNMS Supports Unified Carrier Ethernet, MPLS Orchestration
11/11/2014 New Report Delves into the World of Carrier NFV, SDN
11/11/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: IoT Players KORE, Raco Combine under ABRY Partners
11/11/2014 Understanding Your Customers to Differentiate & Grow Your Business
11/11/2014 The New Help Desk: TeamSupport Enables Businesses to Better Understand Their Customers
11/11/2014 The Uber Contact Center: LiveAnswer Brings On-Demand Model to Customer Service
11/11/2014 SAP Unveils New Work Solutions, Sees Smart Glass as a Key Business Enabler
11/10/2014 Getting Personal: The Value of Contextual & Experiential Communications
11/10/2014 PGi Continues Expansion with Marketing Collaboration Acquisition
11/10/2014 Call Recording: It Pays to Know the Rules, But Rules Vary By State
11/10/2014 Digital Signage
11/10/2014 Contact Center Performance: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level
11/10/2014 Understanding Your Customers to Differentiate & Grow Your Business
11/10/2014 Identifiers, Attributes & Network: Neustar Puts the Most Relevant & Current Data at Your Fingertips
11/10/2014 Samsung: Smartwatches & Other Wearables Aren't Just for Consumer Apps
11/10/2014 Mitel Increases Bid for ShoreTel
11/10/2014 Creating a 'Well Tempered' Network: M2M Security Firm Gets New Funds, Leader, Name
11/08/2014 Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Cisco, Internet2, Joyent
11/08/2014 NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Brocade, Juniper, Midokura
11/07/2014 M2M Satellite Outfit ORBCOMM to Buy Peer SkyWave
11/07/2014 CohesiveFT Rolls Out New Management Tool for Virtual Environments
11/07/2014 Students Participate in HackNJIT to Develop & Innovate
11/06/2014 OpenDaylight Project Gets Three New Members
11/06/2014 Comings & Goings: Brocade Lures Another Important Engineer
11/06/2014 You Make the Call
11/06/2014 Juniper Virtualizes the MX Router, Aims to Help Carriers Operationalize NFV
11/05/2014 Hosted/Cloud VoIP and UC
11/05/2014 Temasys is Working on Something Big
11/05/2014 Vidyo Shares Views of WebRTC-Enabled Video
11/05/2014 GENBAND's WebRTC Evangelist Talks Real-World Implementations
11/05/2014 Dialogic Views WebRTC as Key Catalyst for Developers
11/05/2014 Plantronics Explains How Wearables Can Elevate the WebRTC Experience
11/05/2014 Talking with TokBox about WebRTC
11/05/2014 Voice4Net: WebRTC Powers Unique, Purpose-Built Solutions
11/05/2014 WebRTC V to Focus on User Adoption
11/05/2014 A WebRTC Primer
11/05/2014 GENBAND's Kandy Helps Clients More Effectively Engage with Customers
11/05/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Customer Feedback Company Allegiance Combines with Maritz Research to Form New Customer Experience Giant
11/04/2014 OIF & ONF Members Present SDN Prototype Test Results
11/04/2014 Radware Launches ADCs
11/04/2014 Open Networking Lab Open Sources SDN OS for Service Providers
11/03/2014 Cloud Players Position for Ongoing Increase in Public IT Cloud Services Spending
11/03/2014 Midokura Open Sources MidoNet, Challenging Juniper
11/01/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review: Big Switch Unveils SDN Kit; Meru Applies SDN to Lync, Wi-Fi; VSS Talks Visibility
11/01/2014 Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Studies Explore Virtualization, F5 Leader to Retire
10/31/2014 FCC Chairman Spotlights 911 Reliability in the New Fiber- and IP-based World
10/30/2014 Cisco: Single Applications Can Drive Holistic Strategies in Connected Transportation
10/30/2014 Sensity: The Move to LED Public Lighting Could Be a Boon for Public IoT Deployments
10/29/2014 CounterPath Awarded Patent on Cross-Network UC
10/29/2014 What's Now and What's Next in Enterprise Communications
10/29/2014 Voice4Net Launches WebRTC-based RTC Client
10/29/2014 Meru Introduces SDN Management Dashboard, Apps, and App Store
10/28/2014 Aerohive Tapped for Apple-led ConnectED Effort
10/28/2014 Unify This Month Delivers Cloud-based Workspace Solution
10/28/2014 ShoreTel Rejects Mitel Acquisition Offer
10/27/2014 VSS Monitoring Helps Enterprises Scale, Maintain Visibility with the Optimizer 2400
10/27/2014 LINN Energy Taps AudioCodes for Lync, SBAs
10/27/2014 New IoT Event Offers the Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Level of Fog Computing
10/25/2014 NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: More Product Launches & German Transportation Firm Taps IBM
10/25/2014 Transforming Network Architecture Week in Review: IBM-Microsoft, HP-VMware Come Together on Cloud, Software-Defined Infrastructure
10/24/2014 Ericsson Exec Comments on Third Quarter Financials
10/24/2014 Mitel Target ShoreTel Announces Record First Quarter
10/23/2014 CPLANE Makes Available SDN Software for Connecting Apps across Data Centers
10/23/2014 Hetnet's New Network Management Software Brings Together the Old and the New
10/22/2014 The Future of Mobile Multimedia Sales Assistants
10/22/2014 Progress Software to Buy Development Tool Firm Telerik
10/22/2014 MetTel Mobile Service Brings It All Together for Business Customers
10/22/2014 PGi Continues Expansion with Marketing Collaboration Acquisition
10/22/2014 Ringio Integrates with Zoho, Readies Sales Conversion Amplification Solution
10/21/2014 SpeechTrans Expands Translation, Transcription, Seeks Investors
10/21/2014 Wireless, Rechargeable & Solar: FreeWave Unleashes New IoT Solutions for Use in Hazardous Environments
10/21/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Mitel Makes a Pass at ShoreTel
10/20/2014 New Cisco-OptifiNow Integration Enables Quicker Sales Calls, Conversions
10/18/2014 Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Dell, Opower, TeleTech Address Customer Experience
10/18/2014 NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: New Solutions, More Proof Points Reinforce the Potential for Widespread Adoption of These Technologies