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Over the past two decades, Lance has worn a variety of different technology hats – journalist, Web developer, software trainer, and IT pro. He began his long career as a writer and editor, working in advertising and publishing, but the lure of computers eventually drew him into the wild world of technology.

As an IT admin for a large global company, Lance tackled everything from desktop and end-user support to server and network administration. As a journalist, he has written everything from product documentation to magazine articles and, for the past few years, has been a freelancer with Microsoft TechNet Magazine, where he writes a monthly column on Microsoft utilities. He also writes for CNET News, producing daily news stories and opinion pieces. As a Web developer, Lance works on Web pages for different clients, including diving in to hand-code HTML and CSS.

In his personal life (yes, IT people sometimes have a personal life), Lance enjoys hiking, biking, and improvisational performance.

In his column on TMCnet, Lance will be speaking directly to the IT pro – the person on the front lines of computer support, writing news stories, opinion pieces, product reviews, and anything else that IT pros might find helpful in their daily work. You can reach Lance at and follow his exploits on twitter..


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