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Giovanni Calabro Info

Giovanni Calabro has over 13 years of experience leading interactive research and design efforts for a wide range of business sectors. At Siteworx, Giovanni leads the design team responsible for user experience strategy, brand analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), search and analytics integration and social media strategy. With clients as diverse as MTV Networks,, NPR, and JPMorgan Chase, Giovanni’s team provides expert strategy and advice in the areas of stakeholder and staff alignment and new publishing models for emerging platforms such as social media and mobile channels.

Prior to Siteworx, Giovanni worked for, where he organized coverage and coordinated design strategy for special projects such as Sitewide Redesign, Iraqi War, Elections 2004, and D.C. Sniper Coverage. His team’s unique approach to covering the D.C. Sniper story was covered as a case study in the use of multimedia and interactivity in the book, “Flash Journalism: How to Create Multimedia News Packages”.

Giovanni is a member of Usability Professionals' Association International, The American Society for Information Science & Technology and graduated from George Mason University with a B.A. in Communications. He is an avid blogger and regular speaker, participating in events such as the Web Experience Forum and Content Management Professionals Summit.