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In private practice for the past 25 years, Tom has advised and represented a wide array of clients, including wireline and wireless communications companies (Fortune 500 as well as start-up), trade associations, and end users with respect to a broad spectrum of communications legal issues. He has also counseled and represented a variety of government entities, including three Governors, an attorney general, and a public utilities commission. In 1995, he founded the Law Offices of Thomas K. Crowe, P.C., a firm specializing in communications and information technology legal matters.

Tom has represented clients before the FCC as well as many other federal agencies and departments, Congress, federal and state courts, state public utilities commissions and legislatures, as well as other bodies. He has served as regulatory counsel for a national coalition of long distance resellers; an association for telecommunications agents; and, for over a decade, an association of telecommunications consultants. A frequent speaker at telecommunications conferences and seminars, Tom served as a regular legal columnist for InteleCard News magazine for approximately a decade. He has authored over 150 professional articles which have appeared in various communications publications.

Among other things, Tom authored The U.S. Pacific Territories and Federal Telecommunications Policies: A Blueprint for the Future, Journal of Communications Law and Policy, Summer 1995 Edition, which launched an effort on the part of two U.S. Pacific territories to secure an area code and become integrated into the mainland U.S. rate structure. He then successfully represented one of these U.S. territories in this landmark effort, representing it both in proceedings before the FCC and in opposing a subsequent federal court appeal by a major telephone company.


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