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Ed Silverstein is an award-winning reporter and editor, who has written for newspapers, national business magazines and online news sites. He has covered technology, business, legal issues, national politics and several other topics. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard.


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09/19/2014 Easier for Business to Share Content, Communicate Using SmartBox from PanTerra
09/19/2014 Omega DevCloud Makes Communications Easier as M2M, IoT Grow in Popularity
09/19/2014 Red Hat Expects to Play Important Role in IoT for Enterprises
09/19/2014 RingDNA Improves Sales Performance
09/19/2014 Omani Financial Institution Launches IVR Banking Service
09/19/2014 IVR Finds Another Outlet for Technology
09/18/2014 Lower-Cost, Free Calls via Messaging App Could Impact Market
09/18/2014 Comings and Goings: Telarus Names New Executive Team
09/15/2014 OnSIP Continues to Focus on WebRTC
09/15/2014 IT Helps to Ensure Great Guest Experience at Palms Casino Resort
09/15/2014 Vertical Improves Business Communications as Trends Change
09/15/2014 UberConference Eliminates Annoying Experiences from Conferencing
09/15/2014 LogLogic Provides Visual Analytics Tools to Visually Mine Data
09/15/2014 Comings & Goings: Telarus Names Tyler Smith to Head Engineering Group
09/12/2014 TransNexus Makes it Even Easier to Combat Fraud
09/12/2014 Businesses Need to Weigh Whether to Host in Cloud or On-Premises
09/11/2014 Businesses Need the Right Technology, Procedures to Send Out Accurate Messages to Consumers
09/11/2014 'VoPI': The Future of Hosted Phone Systems
09/11/2014 Small Business Owners Switching to VoIP Need Answers to Basic Questions
09/10/2014 How to Remember Who Said What on Conference Calls
09/05/2014 CafeX Looks to the Future with Innovative Solutions
09/05/2014 Certes Networks Ensures Traffic Protection
09/05/2014 IT Service Critical for Nevada's Clark County
09/05/2014 Ways to Get Your Message Out Has Changed as Media, Tech Evolve
09/05/2014 CradlePoint Continues to Offer Secure Solutions at Distributed Enterprises
09/05/2014 L.L. Bean Closing Bangor Call Center
09/05/2014 Telecom Industry Opposes Municipal Broadband as Wisdom of Public Option Is Debated
09/05/2014 Telarus Partners Stand to Benefit from New Program
09/05/2014 VoIP Increasingly Popular with Small Businesses
09/05/2014 Dialing Systems Award Given to Noble Systems Corp
08/29/2014 Conference Call Services Make Telecommuting Possible
08/28/2014 Satisfied Customers Will Promote Company's Products, Services
08/28/2014 US Carriers Compete with Unlimited Data, Texting Plans
08/28/2014 Viber Challenging Traditional Texting Options
08/28/2014 Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Market Likely to See Major Jump
08/27/2014 Opengear Sees 50 Percent Sales Growth as it Celebrates 10th Anniversary
08/25/2014 Remain 'Culturally' Aware When it Comes to Lead Generation
08/25/2014 Consider the Many Benefits of Switching to the Cloud to Manage Software Licensing
08/25/2014 Orlando Utilities Commission, Customers Both Benefit from Unify IVR Tech
08/22/2014 Fiber Optic Tech Improves Communications in Minnesota
08/22/2014 Australian Consumers Vent more online about Poor Customer Experiences
08/21/2014 Emergency Call Centers Send Help Where it's Needed in Alabama
08/16/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review
08/16/2014 Call Recording Week in Review
08/15/2014 Comings and Goings: New CEO for MTN SA
08/15/2014 Customer Support Should Include Omnichannel Options
08/15/2014 FCC Requiring All Wireless Carriers to Support Text-to-911 by End of Year
08/15/2014 LTE Broadcast May Be Key Solution to Meet Increasing Demand for Mobile Data
08/14/2014 Network Early, Use VoIP Tech from the Start Before Opening a Business
08/13/2014 UNICOM Doubles Massachusetts Facility Due to Increasing Business
08/08/2014 Utah County Emergency Alert System to Include VoIP System Users
08/08/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: BroadSoft Acquires SDD
08/08/2014 VoLTE Standardization May Be Needed for Critical User Adoption in Europe
08/08/2014 Businesses Cannot Sell Successfully with Questionable Data
08/08/2014 Tips on How to Leave a Lasting Impression in Telemarketing Calls
08/08/2014 More Hiring Underway at Michigan Call Centers
08/08/2014 'Line' App Increasingly Captures the World's Attention
08/08/2014 Survey: Enterprise Mobile IT Spend Is Increasing
08/04/2014 Videotion Demonstrates How Conversation Can Take Place with Many Options
08/01/2014 Priologic, Pioneer in WebRTC, Offers New Products
08/01/2014 Vidyo Teleconferencing Includes WebRTC Option
08/01/2014 Weemo Allows for Easy, Quick Addition of Real-Time Video
08/01/2014 WebRTC Improves Patient Healthcare as Seen in Demo
07/25/2014 Microsoft Grows into Dominant Unified Communications Vendor
07/25/2014 Beware of Call Monitoring Software Restrictions
07/25/2014 Does the Internet of Things Have Right Focus?
07/25/2014 Hosted Phone Systems Provide Efficient Emergency Communications
07/25/2014 SIP Trunking Provides Unique Savings
07/25/2014 Q'ligent's Vision Offers Analysis, Monitoring for Linear TV
07/25/2014 Hosted IP PBX Provides Benefits for the Flexible Employee, Manager
07/25/2014 Workforce Optimization Essential for Hosted Contact Center Vendors
07/25/2014 Enterprise Software, Services Important for Microsoft
07/25/2014 Pennsylvania Courthouse May Get More Video/Audio Technology
07/25/2014 Growth in Speech Technology Market Seen Coming from Tech, Apps and VoIP
07/24/2014 Study Finds More Residential Customers Opting for VoIP
07/24/2014 CounterPath Gets Patent for Mobile Network-Based Authentication
07/21/2014 Consumers, Business Customers Say 'Wow' Over Wow!
07/18/2014 Videotion Provides a Lively Conversation with Real-Time Communications
07/18/2014 Voxbone WebRTC Option Now in Beta Version
07/18/2014 Verint Customers Find Out What Their Customers are Saying on the Web
07/18/2014 Call Recording Can Improve Marketing for PBX Vendors
07/18/2014 ABI Research Predicts Changes in LTE Chip Demand for Mobile Devices
07/18/2014 UNICOM Global Acquires solidDB from IBM
07/17/2014 Avoid Costly Disruptions with Fault Tolerance
07/16/2014 Integra to Acquire World Communications
07/14/2014 Mitel Tops in Total PBX/IP-PBX Extensions Market in Western Europe, EMEA
07/11/2014 Use Rexcheck When Viewing Properties in Florida
07/11/2014 Consider Using Virtualized Desktops
07/11/2014 Mistakes Plague Connecticut's State Insurance Exchange
07/11/2014 Tennessee's Cumberland Medical Center Selects DataMotion Direct
07/11/2014 Scaling and Proper Maintenance of VDI
07/11/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Cisco Acquires Assemblage
07/11/2014 Businesses Looking Ahead for Collaboration Technology
07/11/2014 WebRTC Phone from AudioCodes Selected by Interactive Intelligence
07/10/2014 Wheelings and Dealings: WiLAN Acquires Patents from Memory Company
07/10/2014 Arkadin Total Connect Launched as a Hosted Service
07/10/2014 U.S. Pressures China on Tech Trade Issues
07/10/2014 Windows Likely to See Boost in PC Shipments in 2015
07/10/2014 Pexip, Enabling Technologies Initiative Expands Lync Functionality
07/05/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review