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Beecher Tuttle is a TMCnet contributor. He has extensive experience writing and editing for print publications and online news websites. He has specialized in a variety of industries, including health care technology, politics and education. He received his bachelor's degree in English from the University of Colorado.


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05/24/2012 Trilific's Optical Loss Test Sets New Bar for Speed and Accuracy
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05/23/2012 FCC Chairman Endorses Usage-Based Pricing Model for Broadband
05/23/2012 Regulators Investigating Lead Underwriter of Facebook's IPO
05/22/2012 Majority of Social Media Complaints Falling on Deaf Ears
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05/21/2012 Accessories Can Extend the Lifecycle of Smart Devices if Designed Properly, says Strategy Analytics
05/21/2012 Orthodox Jews Fill Citi Field to Help Strike Out Internet 'Filth'
05/21/2012 Supreme Court to Rule on Viability of Government Wiretapping Lawsuit
05/21/2012 China Approves Google-Motorola Deal
05/21/2012 EU Asks Google to Remedy Four Search-Related Antitrust Complaints
05/17/2012 Minimizing Operating Expenses with OneCall Manage's Wireless Management Platform
05/17/2012 Alternative Location Revenues to Reach $8B by 2017
05/17/2012 Evolution of the 'Internet of Things' Creating Unique Value for Device Manufacturers
05/16/2012 Cutting Data Center Operating Costs by 30 Percent with Appliance Deployment Provider's 380 Volt DC Architectures
05/16/2012 BYOD, Networking Solutions the Focus of Enterasys Networks' 2012 Channel Conference
05/16/2012 Net Optics Extends Hypervisor Support for its Phantom Virtualization Tap Solution
05/15/2012 Conventional Indicators Not Painting a Clear Picture of the Economy, Says AT&T CEO
05/15/2012 Could a Lack of Ad-Clicks Damage Facebook's IPO?
05/15/2012 Epsilon Partners with BTI to Enhance Metro Ethernet Network Prior to Olympic Games
05/15/2012 Google Glasses Prototype Not Quite as Advertised
05/15/2012 Facebook Raises IPO Target Range to Mirror Investor Interest
05/14/2012 Lightsquared Files for Bankruptcy Protection Following Failed Talks with Creditors
05/14/2012 Vitelity Intros New SIP Enable Solution
05/14/2012 Resume Flub Ousts Yahoo CEO
05/11/2012 Strengthens Patent Portfolio with Acquisition of Digifonica Gibraltar
05/11/2012 Trilithic's MP3 Plus Signal Meter Provides All-In-One Testing Functionality
05/11/2012 Trilific's MP3 Plus Signal Meter Provides All-In-One Testing Functionality
05/11/2012 Polycom Sells Enterprise Wireless Business to Sun Capital for $110 Million
05/09/2012 Supercomputers Critical to Real-World Energy Initiatives, Says Secretary of Energy
05/09/2012 DOD Approves Use of Blackberry 7 Devices
05/09/2012 Are Traditional Telepresence Vendors in Trouble?
05/09/2012 Twitter Fights Court Request to Submit Tweet History of OWS Protester
05/09/2012 Microsoft Developing Sound Wave-Based Motion Controller
05/08/2012 CellAntenna Asks Congress to Legalize Cell Phone Jammers for Law Enforcement Personnel
05/08/2012 Federal Regulators Accuse BSG of Widespread 'Bll Cramming'
05/08/2012 Apple, Samsung Agree to Narrow Patent Infringement Claims
05/08/2012 Yahoo CEO Apologizes for False Resume Claim
05/08/2012 Sprint CEO Returns $3.25 Million in Bonuses to Appease Investors
05/08/2012 RIM Names New COO, Marketing Head
05/08/2012 Google Takes Street View to the Next Level with New Business Photo Program
05/07/2012 What Global Standard? Samsung, Qualcomm Form yet Another Wireless Power Alliance
05/07/2012 Comcast Tops List of Hosted VoIP, UC Service Providers
05/07/2012 LightSquared Receives Second Extension from Creditors
05/07/2012 Energize the IP Edge: Creating Unique Value with Alcatel-Lucent's 7750 Service Router
05/07/2012 Sangoma Intros Stand-Alone Vega 400 SBC
05/07/2012 Twitter Becoming Key Battle Ground for 2012 Presidential Election
05/03/2012 Aptara Recognized as Top Training Outsourcing Company to Watch in 2012
05/03/2012 Hexagrid's Unovie Cloud Solution Takes Infrastructure as a Service to New Heights
05/03/2012 What to Look for in a Network Performance Management Solution
05/03/2012 Facebook IPO Penciled-In for May 18
05/03/2012 California Eyeing Ban on Cell Phone Use for Bicyclists
05/02/2012 Microsoft Feeling Heat from Partners Following Amendment to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure License
05/02/2012 Meet Algo's 8180 SIP Audio Alerter
05/02/2012 Court Denies Avaya Appeals in Continuant Suit, Jury Trial Looming
05/02/2012 Value of RF Components to Spike in Coming Years
05/01/2012 Huge Q1 Catapults Samsung ahead of Nokia as Top Handset Vendor
05/01/2012 Selects Octasic's MGW Processor for Two Product Lines
05/01/2012 AT&T to Shutter ATM Service Throughout U.S.
05/01/2012 Report: SMEs Outsourcing Back-Office Jobs to Cut Costs
05/01/2012 Samsung's BADA Platform Supports Mobile VoIP, Other Innovative Applications
05/01/2012 Apple Patent Application Suggests NFC-Enabled iPhone 5
04/30/2012 Sangoma's Latest Vega Models Hit Reseller Network
04/30/2012 Explosive Mobile Data Growth Accounting for Surge in Global Operator Revenues
04/26/2012 Extending Co-Location Service Offerings with Out-of-Band Management Appliances from Opengear
04/25/2012 Global Carriers Driving HD Voice Adoption to New Levels
04/25/2012 Brazilian Telecom Oi Taps Alcatel-Lucent as IPTV Supplier
04/24/2012 Avaya Intros New Line of SME-Focused Ethernet Switches
04/24/2012 AT&T to Reduce iPhone Dependency with Three-Platform Approach
04/24/2012 Telco Systems Unveils New Metro Ethernet Solution
04/24/2012 AT&T Widens Profit Margins with Solid Q1 Performance
04/24/2012 Facebook Reports Revenue, Profit Declines in Q1
04/23/2012 SIP-Based UC Systems Cut Inefficient Enterprise Communications by 23 Percent: Report
04/23/2012 Facebook Buys Trove of AOL Patents from Microsoft
04/23/2012 Ensuring Seamless Collaboration Conversations with Alcatel-Lucent's OpenTouch Software
04/23/2012 Mobile Data Consumption Leading to 'Bill Shock' for American and European Corporations
04/23/2012 Fiber Network Investments in Developed Economies to Top $53 Billion by 2017
04/19/2012 Siemens: U.K. Businesses Unprepared for Summer Olympics
04/19/2012 Cisco to Provide Free Jabber Client to Unified Communications Manager Customers
04/19/2012 New York Accuses Sprint of Tax Fraud, Seeks $300 Million in Penalties
04/19/2012 Large Financial Services Company Completes 'Flawless' IP Telephony Cutover with the Help of Phybridge's VoIP Enabler
04/19/2012 Contract Subscriber Growth Drives Verizon to Better-than-Expected Q1