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David Delony is a Bay Area expatriate living in Ashland, Oregon. He combines his lifelong love of both words and technology in his career as a freelance writer. David holds a B.A. in communication from California State University, East Bay.

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07/10/2014 WebRTC Conference Names Ingate Systems CEO Karl Stahl as WebRTC Innovator
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06/26/2014 Smartphone Users Place Premium on Customer Service, B2X Care Survey Says
06/26/2014 Physicians Interactive Acquires MedHelp
06/26/2014 Cloud Providers Warring to Lock In Users
06/25/2014 CSR Announced Strong Bluetooth Smart Growth
06/25/2014 Energous Signs Wireless Charging Deal with Pocons
06/24/2014 ComSignTrust Offers NFC Security
06/23/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: GigOptix Acquires Tahoe RF
06/23/2014 LogMeIn Receives Ovum, TMC Awards for Xively M2M Platform
06/21/2014 Contact Center Services Week in Review
06/21/2014 Contact Center Analytics Week in Review
06/19/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: CloudFlare Acquires Cryptoseal
06/19/2014 Temasys Launches Skyway WebRTC Platform
06/18/2014 SIPTalk Introduces OnPBX
06/18/2014 Microsoft Introduces Developer Version of Internet Explorer
06/17/2014 Will Amazon Announce a Cheap Smartphone?
06/17/2014 AFORE Solutions Announces Cloudlink SecureVM Bitlocker Integration
06/16/2014 Coming & Goings: Vertical Communications Names David Krietzberg CFO
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06/06/2014 Pinterest Adds DIY Promoted Pins, Improved Analytics
06/06/2014 Energy Telecom Awarded Smart Eyewear Patent
06/05/2014 Spirent Launches Acoustic Verification System to Reduce Mobile Device Defects
06/04/2014 CoreDial: Call Centers Poised to Adopt Cloud Communications
06/04/2014 Tragic End to Radio Stunt Shows Ethical, Legal Ramifications of Call Recording
06/03/2014 Interactive Intelligence Launches PureCloud Communication, Collaboration Apps
06/02/2014 NTT Communications Offers Self-Service Cloud Networking Based on NFV
06/02/2014 Informative Graphics Adds Doc Merge to Brava! Enterprise
06/02/2014 Comings & Goings: Yorktel Appoint Greg Douglas EVP of Sales
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05/28/2014 Etisalat to Open UAE Network to Competitor du
05/28/2014 Bouygues Telecom Picks Ericsson to Build 4G Network
05/24/2014 Network Management Week in Review
05/24/2014 Conferencing Week in Review
05/23/2014 Videxio Offers Lync Support
05/23/2014 Lyse Picks Intelecom Connect For Multi-channel Contact Center
05/22/2014 Broadcom Chip Powers New Chinese 4K Smart TV
05/22/2014 UK Traders Ignore Call Recording Laws
05/21/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Micronet Acquires Beijer Electronics M2M Business
05/21/2014 InTouch Health Announces FDA-Approved Remote Stethoscope App
05/20/2014 Anuta Networks Rolls Out New NCX
05/19/2014 Zendesk IPO Storms out of the Gate
05/19/2014 Kickstarter Campaign to Deliver Flexible, Wearable Tech Circuit Boards
05/17/2014 Conferencing Week in Review
05/17/2014 Network Management Week in Review
05/16/2014 UnionPay Chooses Radware to Speed Up Webpages
05/16/2014 China Telecom Market Poised for Major VoIP Growth
05/15/2014 LogMeIn, OASIS Team Up to Develop MQTT Protocol
05/15/2014 Weemo Offers Video Conferencing for Zimbra
05/14/2014 iBasis, P4 Offer HD Voice Interconnection
05/14/2014 Ascom Network Testing Joins Surrey University to Develop 5G Test Bed
05/13/2014 CenturyLink Offers DDoS Mitigation Service
05/10/2014 Conferencing Week in Review
05/10/2014 Network Management Week in Review
05/09/2014 Churchill Downs Installs Champion Mobile Network
05/08/2014 Xerox to Help Build Michigan Connected Car Track
05/08/2014 The Internet of Things Brings New Security Challenges
05/08/2014 Tech, Education Leaders Call on Calif. Governor to Improve Computer Science
05/08/2014 UN: Number of Internet Users to Reach 3 Billion
05/07/2014 LinkedIn, Evernote Offer Business Card Scanning
05/07/2014 Study Says Carriers Must Spend Money to Make Money
05/06/2014 IDT Puts Precise Timing on Single Chip for Smart Grids
05/06/2014 mSpy Can Track Smartphones
05/06/2014 Qumu Announces Lync Integration
05/05/2014 Amazon Lets Users Shop Without Leaving Twitter with #AmazonCart Hashtag
05/05/2014 TELUS Investing $2.8B in British Columbia