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Tara Seals has over 15 years experience as a journalist and editor in the communications and technology space. She is also a regular contributor to a range of industry publications and has deep background in mobile networks and infrastructure, devices and applications; and video infrastructure, content and broadcast models.

Latest Articles

05/26/2015 Charter Springs Big for TWC with $78.7Bn Offer
05/26/2015 Swrve Tops Mobile SDK Rankings
05/26/2015 NFV Starts to Get Real
05/26/2015 OTT Growth to Carry the Pay-TV Market Forward
05/26/2015 Critical Infrastructure Upgrades and DR Should Be Priority
05/26/2015 VoIP Pioneer Files Against Net Neutrality
05/22/2015 Twitter, Google Kick Off Search Integration
05/21/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Twilio Debuts $50 Million App Development Fund
05/21/2015 Carrier IP Telephony Embraces a Software-Centric Future
05/21/2015 Network Shifts to Support Video Distribution
05/20/2015 Tick-Tock: Intel Readies Haswell Chips for High-End Servers
05/19/2015 Do You Own Your Car, Or Are You Just Allowed to Operate It?
05/19/2015 Customer Service Horror Stories Show Big Change Needed
05/14/2015 Public Safety LTE Sees Strong Future Growth
05/14/2015 Mantle Signs on for Hosted Collaboration from Teliqo
05/13/2015 Accurate Reporting is the Achilles Heel for Customer Service
05/13/2015 California Votes in Favor of Secret Call Recording Bill
05/13/2015 Auto-Record Brings Call Recording to Android
05/11/2015 Twin Cost & Flexibility Drivers Spur VoIP for Small Business
05/11/2015 VoIP Extends its Advantage over POTS
05/11/2015 Customer Service, Not Price, Offers Key Differentiation
05/08/2015 Cablevision Grabs the OTT Ring and Goes for It
05/08/2015 Apple Collaborates with Scientists to Collect DNA
05/08/2015 Sky Sues Skype for Trademark Infringement in the EU-and Wins
05/08/2015 Digital Content and OTT to Hit $154 Billion by 2019
05/07/2015 Apple Catches Fire in Q1 Sales
05/07/2015 Security, Capturing Growth Opportunities Are Main Challenges for Small Biz
05/07/2015 Comcast Embraces WebRTC with Xfinity Share Livestreaming for TV
05/06/2015 Mobile Revenue Dominates Gaming Space with Double-Digit Growth
05/05/2015 Toshiba, SAS Team on Analytics for Customer Service
05/05/2015 Advanced Threat Sophistication Drives Fresh Detection Methods
05/04/2015 Social Media, Context and the New Face of Threat Intelligence
05/01/2015 Barbarians at the Gate: Cybersecurity Needs a New Paradigm
04/30/2015 Metro Networks Can Position for the Content Vortex
04/30/2015 Can Intel's Experimental Silicon Preserve Moore's Law?
04/30/2015 Data Management: A Bedrock of R&D and Innovation
04/30/2015 Intel's Skylake Specs Show Speed and Performance Gains
04/30/2015 Apple Watch: Display Shattering Belies Claims of 'Durability'
04/28/2015 Google Fiber Has ISPs in a Dither to Catch Up
04/27/2015 Comcast-TWC Demise Points to Online Video's Ascendency
04/24/2015 The Ridiculousness of Patent Trolls, and Marshall, Texas
04/24/2015 Intel Slates Fifth-Gen Broadwell Chips for Desktops for Mid-2015
04/23/2015 Free the Bandwidth: FCC Opens Access to 3.5GHz Spectrum
04/22/2015 Siemens Tackles M2M, Big Data with Analytics Play
04/21/2015 The Video Crunch Calls for an Intelligent Optical Network
04/21/2015 Simply Manageable: Web-Scale Storage Gaining Momentum
04/20/2015 Verizon FiOS Makes the First Real Move Toward A La Carte
04/20/2015 GSMA Focuses on Wireless Market Expansion
04/20/2015 Seven Key OTN Benefits Can Revolutionize Providers' Transport Businesses
04/20/2015 Cray, Intel Ink a Multi-Year Pact to Develop Supercomputers
04/17/2015 Cray, Intel Ink a Multi-year Agreement to Develop Supercomputers
04/15/2015 Telco Etisalat Bans WhatsApp in the UAE
04/14/2015 Facing Digital Cannibalism, Operators Can Consider Mobile-TV Ad Approaches
04/13/2015 SMB Phone Hacking is Alive, Well and Thriving with VoIP
04/13/2015 Yealink, 3CX Take the Headaches Out of IP Phone-PBX Provisioning
04/13/2015 GameSim Logs Q1 Licensing Uptick
04/13/2015 MaskedChat Allows Random, Anonymous Video Roulettes
04/09/2015 OTT and Broadcast: A Cord-Cutting Dilemma
04/08/2015 Sponsored Data Sees Momentum from Emerging Markets, IoT
04/08/2015 VoIP Supply Ditches Video Conferencing for Cloud PBX
04/08/2015 Millennial Workers will Demand Mobile UC
04/07/2015 Mobile Operators Eye a Digital Transformation
04/06/2015 Tata Sees Growth for Hosted UC
04/06/2015 Interop and Ease-of-Use Barriers Still Plague Video Conferencing
04/06/2015 Looking Up: Intel's Skylake Silicon Promises a Big Performance Jump
04/02/2015 Verizon Wireless Hires Hundreds for Call Centers
04/02/2015 Web-scale IT Looks to Radically Transform the Data Center
04/02/2015 PwC: Digital Enterprise Strategy Comes to the Fore
04/02/2015 OTT Extravaganza: An Explosion of Choice Should Put Cable on Notice
03/31/2015 SMEs Face New Call Recording Compliance Requirements
03/31/2015 Small Cells v. DAS: C-RAN Lowers Costs for Indoor Wireless
03/31/2015 LTE Activity in MENA Ramps Up
03/31/2015 UC to See Double-Digit Growth Among SMBs
03/31/2015 Workplace Texting: Can it Replace Email?
03/27/2015 Facebook's Internet-for-All Drone Set to Take Flight
03/27/2015 Yorktel Marks 30 Years, Sets Sights on Finance and Telehealth
03/27/2015 Polycom Targets SMBs with Skype for Business
03/27/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Apple Buys FoundationDB, Promptly Shutters It
03/26/2015 Google Fiber Moves Beyond the Novelty Phase
03/26/2015 Global Pay-TV Market to Rocket to 1.1 Billion Subs in 2020
03/26/2015 Net Neutrality Opens Door for Continued Third-Party Business Services
03/26/2015 Global Pay-TV Market to Rocket to $1.1 Billion Subs in 2020
03/25/2015 Feds Lose $300 Billion Per Year to Fraud and Abuse
03/25/2015 Aspect Rolls Out Continuity Platform for Contextual Customer Service
03/25/2015 Help Desks Get Customer-Centric
03/23/2015 Everything Is Hackable as Crime Goes High-Tech
03/23/2015 Everything is Hackable as Crime Goes High-Tech
03/23/2015 Creating a Global Office with VoIP, IP Video
03/20/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Opera Boosts Online Privacy with SurfEasy Buy
03/20/2015 Comings and Goings: HTC's CEO Transition Marks a New Era for the Company
03/20/2015 Huawei, NXP Ink Chinese IoT Development Pact
03/19/2015 Changing the Channel: Partner Programs Position for the Future
03/19/2015 Eyeing a Post-PC World, Intel Makes a Big Pivot to Software
03/18/2015 Recent Outage May Have Cost Apple $25 Million
03/17/2015 Innovative Software Licensing Drives a Need for Management and Optimization
03/17/2015 Wheelings and Dealings: Altocloud Snags $2 Million for Predictive Customer Service Platform
03/17/2015 Wheelings and Dealings: Altocloud Snags $2Million for Predictive Customer Service Platform
03/17/2015 Spectrum, Devices and Competition to Color LTE Deployments
03/16/2015 Cisco, HP Lead Cloud Infrastructure Market $13 Billion-plus
03/16/2015 Wheelings and Dealings: Highfive Snags Millions for VCaaS + Hardware Play