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Tara Seals has over 15 years experience as a journalist and editor in the communications and technology space. She is also a regular contributor to a range of industry publications and has deep background in mobile networks and infrastructure, devices and applications; and video infrastructure, content and broadcast models.

Latest Articles

07/22/2014 Amid Growing VoIP Demand, Eliminates Website Fees
07/22/2014 Mobile Broadband's IP Transition is Driving Signaling, Routing Control Investment
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07/18/2014 TV Everywhere Gains Momentum, But Making Money is Elusive
07/16/2014 FOX Failure to Equate DISH Anywhere with Aereo a Boon for Cloud Precedent
07/16/2014 Comcast Positions for the Connected Home with PowerCloud Acquisition
07/15/2014 Programmatic, Targeted Ad Buys Drive New Investment
07/14/2014 'Spin' App Offers Mobile Video Collaboration with a Twist
07/12/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
07/11/2014 Vidyo Clenches $20 Million with Dreams of Making Video Conferencing Ubiquitous
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07/10/2014 Power Outages: So Many Ways to Drain Your Business Wallet
07/09/2014 Passed Over by Google Fiber, Louisville Eyes Its Own 1Gbps Plans
07/09/2014 Box Stores Away $150M in VC Funding, Postpones IPO
07/09/2014 FCC Names Comcast-TWC Merger Review Board
07/07/2014 Google's Android Auto Takes a Virtualized Approach to Connected Car Entertainment
07/07/2014 The Shame Game: YouTube Launches ISP Quality Report
07/01/2014 Aereo Takes a 'Pause' but Vows to Fight On
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06/27/2014 Aereo Decision: Unlikely to Stifle Innovation
06/26/2014 The World Cup Overfloweth: Is Soccer Catching On in the US?
06/25/2014 DISH Adds Twitter, Facebook Sign-On for TV Everywhere
06/24/2014 Home Gateways to Drive STB Software Growth
06/24/2014 ABC News Aims for Younger Viewers with Apple TV App
06/24/2014 Rumor Mill: Apple TV to Gain Cloud-based, Seamless Content Handoff?
06/23/2014 AMC Joins the OTT Pack
06/23/2014 Qplay Throws Lot in with Google Chromecast
06/23/2014 Twitter's SnappyTV Buy Signals a Tactical Shift
06/23/2014 Comings & Goings: snom Names New CEO
06/21/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
06/14/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
06/13/2014 Enterhost Hires Sales Director to Shepherd Business Transition
06/13/2014 Fragmented UC Vendor Landscape Paves the Way for Federated Communications
06/13/2014 GSX Moves with the Market with Revamped UC&C Monitoring
06/13/2014 Comcast Explores YouTube-Like Streaming Via Set-Top
06/13/2014 Jibe Builds Support for Turnkey RCS Cloud Video Calling, Messaging Services
06/12/2014 Jibe Builds Support for Turnkey RCS Cloud Video Calling and Messaging Services
06/11/2014 Glenn Britt, Former Time Warner Cable CEO, Dies at 65
06/11/2014 Glenn Britt, Former Time Warner Cable CEO, Dies at 65
06/11/2014 Lending a Global Vote of Confidence, CableLabs Joins MoCA
06/11/2014 TV Everywhere Makes Multiscreen, Cross-platform Measurement an Imperative
06/10/2014 Cisco VNI: Video Leads Us to the Zettabyte Era
06/10/2014 Netflix' Paid Peering Deals with Comcast, Verizon Aren't Paying Off
06/10/2014 Google Chromecast Usage Wanes as OTT Waters Shift
06/10/2014 BBC, ITV Snag FIFA World Cup Free-to-Air Broadcast Rights Through 2022
06/09/2014 Goodbye, Rabbit Ears: Online & Mobile Usage Set to Eclipse Antennae
06/06/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
06/06/2014 Aereo Goes Live on Google Chromecast
06/06/2014 Verizon and Netflix Throw Down Over ISP Speeds
06/06/2014 Multiscreen Video & Home Automation Push Gateway Market Amid Fragmentation
06/05/2014 FCC: Operators Should Keep CALM and Carry On
06/05/2014 TV Everywhere Hits Exponential Growth
06/04/2014 Broadcast and Streaming Market to Hit $2.5 Billion
06/03/2014 Facing OTT Video Crunch, Portugal's NOS Makes Big Network Migration
06/03/2014 Google TV Set for a Rebirth as Android TV
06/03/2014 FCC to Reconsider the Definition of Broadband
06/02/2014 Security: It's a Team Game
06/02/2014 DISH Becomes First Pay-TV Operator to Accept Bitcoin
06/02/2014 Waiting for the Supreme Court, Aereo Readies Chromecast Launch
06/02/2014 Cord-Cutters Don't Miss Cable, Not Even Sports
05/31/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
05/30/2014 In Asia, OTT and VOD Drive Future Growth for Operators
05/30/2014 World Cup Spurs TV Multiscreen Innovation
05/29/2014 Video Set to Pass 50 Percent of All Mobile Data Traffic
05/29/2014 Google's Driverless Cars Are Here to Take You for a Ride
05/28/2014 In a Dynamic STB Sector, Market Shares are Shifting
05/28/2014 ESPN Considers an OTT Service Anchored Around Soccer
05/27/2014 Comcast, NBCU Boost Digital TV Innovation with Content 'Hackathon'
05/27/2014 Jail-based Video-Conferencing Bogs Down
05/24/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
05/23/2014 Facebook Wants to Write Social TV Posts for You
05/23/2014 Trouble Brewing? Amazon Offers Fire TV Free for 30 Days
05/23/2014 TWC, Bright House Add Support for FOX, FOX Sports TV Everywhere Apps
05/23/2014 Industry Mulls 5G Video for a Multimedia World
05/22/2014 Jail-based Video Conferencing Bogs Down in India
05/22/2014 Cable Onda Swaps Manual Processes for Automated, Real-Time Field Optimization
05/22/2014 Cable Onda Swaps Manual Processes for Automated, Real-Time Field Optimization
05/21/2014 AT&T-DirecTV Deal Could Be Good for Video Competition
05/20/2014 Roku Declares May 20 as National Streaming Day in US
05/20/2014 Netflix Lays Out a Path to Personalization
05/20/2014 HTML5 Could Help App Developers Overcome Connected TV Fragmentation
05/17/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
05/16/2014 Is Social TV Dead? Peel Says Yes
05/16/2014 Boxer TV Plots Multiscreen Service in the Nordics
05/15/2014 Wondershare Launches Wireless Video Transfer for Apple, Android
05/15/2014 40Gbps DPI Function Targets Video and Voice Over LTE
05/14/2014 Connected TVs Supplanting PCs for Online Video Viewing
05/14/2014 Move Over, HTML Internet: Make Way for XIA
05/13/2014 Sony Puts OLED on Ice in Favor of 4K LCD
05/13/2014 Xbox Tears Down the Live Gold Pay Wall for OTT Apps
05/13/2014 Move Over, TV: Advertisers Shift Dollars to Online Video
05/13/2014 Wheelings and Dealings: Behind Ericsson's Red Bee Media Buy
05/13/2014 Net Neutrality Watch: The FCC Reconsiders Toll Road Deals
05/10/2014 Cable Technology Week in Review
05/09/2014 Moms Rule the Remote When it Comes to Program Choice
05/08/2014 Content Leads the Middle East's TV Explosion
05/06/2014 Google Buys Adometry to Track Clicks to Actual Purchase Behavior
05/06/2014 How Does it Make You Feel? Digital Ad Platform Tracks TV Viewers' Emotions
05/06/2014 Connected Devices Spur Business Model Change